OSU Mens Staff Duck and Quail Hunt

Every once in awhile the men on our staff team get to spend some time together outside of our normal work schedule. Sometimes its a game of 21. Others its a movie night. With the students home for Christmas break, a few of us took the chance to get outside and spend some time getting to know each other more. This is a key principle of Generation Sigma and something we try to do routinely. Our leadership has found that getting to spend time with each other outside of our normal context of work re-energizes us and helps our team to be more effective working together. This week Cody invited us to a duck and quail hunt. Here are some pictures of the trip.

Dan and Cody in the duck blind.

Not a bad way to start a day.

I find it fascinating to watch a dog work to retrieve ducks or point quail. Nikki (pictured) and Jill were awesome to watch.

Thankful to provide a my own meal for a change.

Jeremy and Cody trying to kick up Quail.

Dan working with Jill.

Dan and Cody walking to to find quail.
I am blessed to have a great staff team that works to relate to each other outside of the normal context of work. I am looking forward to what God does through our team next semester.



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