Student Leader Spotlight: Connor Boldly Shares Christ in South Dallas

Connor shares Christ

I was standing in the Omni Hotel, talking to groups of students that were considering attending the Ozark Lakes summer mission trip. After I wrapped up talking to a small group of students, Connor ran up to me grinning from ear to ear and said,  “Dude, I lead someone to Christ today!”

Connor and I first met last year at Winter Conference. In 2015, Connor had never been to any Cru event prior to coming to Winter Conference on a whim. Last year, we were paired up in a group to go through the neighborhoods of Ft. Worth sharing the gospel. Connor and I got to know each other and I watched him grow in his capacity to boldly engage with people with the gospel. In 2015, I didn’t know what God had in store for Connor during the 2016 Winter Conference.

CSC Quote 1

The outreach day for the 2016 conference was on Day three. 1,200 students from across Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma dispersed across the Oak Cliff neighborhood in South Dallas. We were partnering with a local church hoping to share Christ and plug students into the church. For around an hour, Connor and his group boldly approached a few homes but got very little response. As night began to fall on the Dallas skyline, Connor, and his group were getting ready to head back to the hotel in Ft. Worth. As they passed one more house,  Connor felt prompted to approach it.

He walked up to the door and was greeted by a young girl who said her parents were not home. He politely explained he understood, and turned around walking towards the car. As he turned, a teenage girl approached him saying that she was the older sister and it was okay if he wanted to talk to them. Connor went back to the door and began talking with the girls. After hearing about their infrequent church involvement, Connor asked if he could share what he believed. He began to share how sin separates us from God like the Grand Canyon. The girls replied that they didn’t know what the Grand Canyon was. Caught off guard, he said, “Imagine being on the top of one of the tallest buildings in Dallas and God on the other.” He continued to share that through a relationship with Christ, we can get across the gap that those buildings create between us and God. He closed the conversation with, “Would you like to have a personal relationship with Christ?” The oldest girl said, “Yes I would love to!” They prayed together and Connor plugged them into the church that we partnered with.

CSC Quote 2

The fact that God allows us to be a part of people crossing from death to life is unbelievable. I am so glad that Connor got to experience this. I am also proud of him taking the initiative to share his faith. I pray this is a moment in his life that will deeply affirm his belief in Christ and motivate him to live so that others can become disciples. Great job Connor!


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