Daytona Beach, FL

for the past week, our family has been in daytona beach, florida taking seminary classes with cru. our schedule here has been taking our class in the morning, studying and homework afterward, and playing on the beach in the afternoons. although the weather has been cold off and on, we have really enjoyed our break from winter.

ruby kay has enjoyed the beach so much during our time here. from the moment she wakes up till bedtime, she asks to go play on the beach. we have a few sand toys that have provided ruby kay with endless entertainment and fun. we have been spoiled with an ocean view here at our hotel, and the view has captivated us all.

my favorite part of being here at the beach has been seeing ben and ruby kay play on the beach together. they love to build sandcastles and play in the waves. since kennedy is still so small, i haven’t spent that much time on the beach. ruby kay is a girl after her own daddy’s heart, loving the ocean and they have made some great memories together.


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