The Top Sights and Sounds from Ozark Lakes 2016: Week One

It has been a really fun week here in the Ozarks. Students have arrived and provided a great energy for the summer mission. Here are the best sights and sounds from the first week!

We caught up with a few students and asked them why they were excited about Ozark Lakes.

Staff Hunt with Tyler and Mattie Miller (Staff at OU)
Students had to find us scattered at the Branson Landing and take a selfie with us.
Marilyn Adamson works with Cru at It’s a great tool for online evangelism.
I had the privilege of sharing how Christ has changed my life with our students.
Barbara Culwell is on staff with our regional team in Austin, TX. We learned from her this week about our strengths via Strengths Finder.
Each of our growth groups met up for Andy’s after a day of hearing how God has been at work in our lives.
I get to spend this summer growing alongside these four men.


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