See How God is at Work on Campus: Melvin Jackson

Within Cru, life change is one of the things we love to celebrate.

Often times, sharing your own story of how God has changed your life is an effective way to help someone else grow in their faith. We have encouraged our students to share this type of story as a way to reach out while at Ozark Lakes. Every day people are engaging with others that may not know God. By sharing your testimony over break, lunch or even as you join with someone in a task at work, you can learn to have significant spiritual conversations while at your job.

Last night at men’s time we heard the testimony of Melvin Jackson a student at Texas Tech. Here are some of the quotes:

When I got to Texas Tech, “All I did was party, drink and nothing else good.”
After a period of loneliness, “I prayed for the first time in a long time to find friends .”
Then one day shortly after, “… a student invited me to Cru.”
 “Jeremy Bollens was talking about God’s forgiveness and I felt like God was pulling me to Him.”
 A few weeks later, Melvin shared that, “At Winter Conference, I decided to give my life to Christ because I was overwhelmed by the idea that God gave His only son Jesus Christ to die for us.”
“You can’t get that anywhere else.”
“Is my life perfect, no. But I know Christ is with me.”
 Melvin has taken many steps of faith since January. He attended Big Break over spring break and learned to share his faith. Now he is at Ozark Lakes and learning more about how to walk with God and live out the Great Commission.
This type of life change is why we work with Cru. I am so thankful that God uses our ministry to help students across the world take steps of faith to impact their sphere of influence.

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