A Strategic Time to Connect: Fall Retreat 2016

In our latest post, we showed a video giving you a behind the scenes peek into fall retreat. Here is that link if you would like to rewatch it.

14479634_965719173556029_5309150794958597584_nA little over a week ago, the staff team met in our driveway at 10:00 in the morning. We were getting ready to head to New Life Ranch near Siloam Springs, AR. We all caught up on small talk, crammed speakers, groceries, and luggage into our vehicles and hit the road. Weekends away from campus provide a great opportunity to connect, one that our team was excited to realize. We arrived at New Life Ranch after grabbing lunch at Elote, a fun Mexican joint in Tulsa. Around 5:00,various waves of students began to show up and the 2016 Fall Retreat began.

At Fall Retreat, each session is filled with worship, teaching, discussion groups, and games. This year, Tim Norman our regional director walked us through four passages in Luke. Saturday also featured time to hear about serving with Cru on summer mission and our men’s and women’s time. We have found Fall Retreat to be highly effective in creating community within our movement. As students wrestle with the teaching, discuss the implications of living out the gospel in their lives and stay up late playing basketball and card games, the connection between students grows.

14479553_965719236889356_4309094184609862530_nAnother key to Fall Retreat is that upperclassmen get to connect to our freshman students who are new to the movement. I am extremely proud of our upperclassmen this year. They fostered an environment of inclusion and unity, and it really resonated with the freshman.

All in all, it was a great weekend where students connected, were challenged and had a ton of fun. We are excited to see how God uses Fall Retreat as a springboard into the remainder of the semester.



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