A Simple Tool to Focus on Connecting to Others

Do you want to be an encouragement to non-Christians?


Connecting well to non-Christians is extremely important if we want to live a life of spiritual significance. However, if you are like me, this is an area you could use some growth in.

I get easily distracted from loving the people that God has placed around me. There is a tool that has been crucial to helping me focus on specific people in my life that I would love to see come into a relationship God.

Think of the Impact

What would be the impact if we love the non-Christians in our life well? How different would the perception of Christians be if we were known for how relational we are? How different would our evangelism be if we didn’t focus solely on having spiritual conversations with random people we meet, and valued the people God has placed in our life?

A Helpful Tool

A key beginning point for engaging with non-Christians well is the Top 5 Prayer List. This simple tool has profound implications. From my time on staff with Cru, many of our leaders in the regional office have talked about how effective this tool is for them. By doing these three simple steps, we can focus on engaging well with the non-Christians in our lives.

Step 1: Write down 5 people you want to love well and to see come to know God.

This step is simple. Make a new note on your iPhone, or a new note in Evernote, write it down in your journal or place a notecard in your Bible. Whatever way helps you remember these 5 people.

Step 2. Pray for them daily.

Add to your prayer list, praying for these five people. Pray that you would love them well, that God would show himself to them and that they would come to faith in Christ.

Step 3. Engage and serve these people.

Roll up your sleeves and love these people well. Over the next year think about the ways that you can love and serve these people.

What would the impact be if we loved and served well? How cool would it be if someone in your life came to a relationship with God? My deepest desire is that God would use me to have a lasting significance. What is more significant and lasting than persons coming into relationship with God for eternity? It starts with us focusing on how to be intentional to love others well.

Take a Step of Faith

Take a step of faith. Write down 5 people you want to see come to know God, pray for them daily and then serve these people.

We have nothing to lose and the result could be the most significant event in another person’s life. Be intentional and make a Top 5 Prayer List. If we, as followers of Christ, can connect with a handful of people God has placed in our life, then we can take a step toward a lasting spiritual influence.


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