Chalkboard Evangelism

Great job OSU Cru students!

Last Thursday, our students killed it executing a Chalkboard Evangelism event.

One of our strategic goals is for students to experience the three modes of Evangelism through Ok State Cru. If you aren’t familiar with the three modes of evangelism, here is a quick video to explain the idea.

To realize our goal of having students experience each mode, we asked our leadership students to plan a ministry evangelism event. We used a classic summer mission strategy, the chalkboard evangelism event. The idea was that we could provide a space for students to be heard and valued. By taking a chalkboard, writing an engaging question on it, and then placing it in the middle of campus, we were able to engage with the people that felt compelled to interact with the question.

We know a person may not make a decision to live for Christ in the moment we talked with them. However, if we can have a conversation that moves them closer to a decision for Christ, we have succeeded. Within Cru, we call this idea a plus one conversation and this type of connection was the goal of the event.

Here is what the event looked like:

  • We wanted our students to have ownership, so the only thing the staff did was make the chalkboard.
  • The students came up with an engaging question, “What is your greatest fear?”
  • Two leaders, Michale and Megan scheduled four students to be present from 9am until 2pm.
  • They all collaborated on the best location and reserved a central location outside of the student union.
  • As other students approached to write on the board, our students listened and then asked if they could share their greatest fears.
  • This started the plus one conversation and we trust that God will continue to use conversations like this to move people closer to a decision to live for Christ.

I am proud of the students that helped plan and execute the event, and for those who stepped out in faith to engage with people on campus. Our students were able to have many plus one conversations and I can’t wait to see what God does with them!


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