The Power of the Other

You know the story.

You set a goal. You get pumped about the idea of accomplishing it. You create a well-designed plan to realize your goal. You start the plan. 10 days later, you have forgotten the plan even exists.

This is the case all too often. Whether it’s sharing our faith, working out, eating healthier, not committing to do too much or mundane things like maintaining regular vehicle maintenance, we are good at starting plans but not good at seeing them through. When the goal is something significant like making time to connect to God,  or changing how you treat your spouse or engaging with your children, the cost of failure hurts a lot worse.

Recently, I read a book Called “The Power of the Other” by Dr. Henry Cloud. I was thrilled to learn how we can take steps to bring more of our plans to fruition. Dr. Cloud tells stories of executives, athletes and even addicts overcoming barriers in realizing the plans they set out to achieve.

The solution? A Corner Four relationship.

“…We see self-control and our individual performance as totally dependent upon ourselves and what we do, which is right, and as having nothing to do with anyone else, which is wrong.” (pg 93)

In short, a corner four person helps us see that our value as a person is not dependent on our success or failure. Additionally, we need outside sources to help us learn new things and take steps to steward well. This balance of support and correction is essential for any person desiring to realize a plan. Dr. Cloud points to Jack Nicklaus and his father, Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and countless others that rely on a corner four relationship to give them support and correction.

I highly recommend reading the book to anyone that is trying to multiply their life. This type of relationship is what we have to be to the people we are leading.

My brother, a Corner 4 guy in my life.

I am excited to share this with my students and strive to be a Corner Four Relationship to them. Thankfully, I am blessed with a few Corner Four men in my life to help me realize this!


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