Connecting On Halloween

14563365_995000180627928_2070885411770388769_nThere are people different than you all around. Each day we walk around our cities and engage with many people that are different than us. These people often have a different lifestyle, culture or ethnicity than we do.

However, how often do we invest in these relationships? Even more sobering, how often do we share the love of Christ with these people in our lives?

Learning to connect with the people God has put around you is crucial to leaving a spiritual legacy in your life.

This past week, the leaders of OK State Cru took a huge step of faith to do this! On Thursday night, we hosted a Halloween party. We gathered the students from our ministry and enjoyed costumes, games, a bonfire and even an outdoor movie. We also were intentional to open the doors to others and invite the people around us that we don’t know. The goal was for us to invite a few people from class, work or in your dorm to come to the party. From there, we would have a launching point for a relational connection and a spiritual conversation in the future.

I wrote previously about the Modes of Evangelism and how we have used them here at OSU. This mode of Evangelism is called Body/Life Evangelism. The idea is to collaborate with a group of believers, host an event that would be fun for people to come to and then be intentional to invite people to come who you don’t know where they are at spiritually.

14633072_995000093961270_8601172156047852038_nWhen people are show their value, you open the door to a relational connection. This kind of connection directly leads to an opportunity for a spiritual conversation and for someone to make a decision to change their life for eternity!

If we as followers of Christ can be intentional to have a few Body/Life events in our calendar each year, I think we can see significant growth in those casual relationships being open to having spiritual conversations.

Think about the impact your small group at church or your Sunday School class could have by hosting a Body/Life event and welcoming people in your life to join you!


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