Spring Break Trip Recap

As snow fell on Table Rock Lake, twenty-one students from our International Ministry, Bridges, joined in a massive snowball fight with nineteen of our American students. As Cody and I were dodging and chucking snowballs, we found ourselves continually laughing at the fact that it was snowing on our Spring Break trip. We had planned to take a trip to the lake, complete with boating, fishing, and bonfires. The snow changed things. However, in that days that followed, many connections and memories were made.

First experiences came to define the weekend. One student from India had never seen snow. A few people had never been to Missouri. A Chinese student was bewildered from his first exposure to a Moose, which hung above the fireplace. A girl from Edmond caught her first trout. Jen and I ate authentic Ethiopian food for the first time.

For one student from Pakistan, it was his first time ever to experience the body of Christ. He was not a Christian but wanted to learn more about the Bible so he came on the trip. Pray that he takes a step of faith to trust Christ.

For another group of students from India, it was their first time to hear that God loves them, went to the cross for their sins, and wants them to know Him and walk with Him. Pray that this seed will be watered and grown.

Even though snow was a barrier, the Oklahoma State Cru Spring Break Trip was a success. American students and staff took steps of faith to engage with people different than them. We hope these students will be the leaders that join us in taking the gospel to the campus next year. International students were shown value and dignity and were introduced to many fun American ways of doing things. Ultimately, we all grew closer to Christ or had the chance to trust Christ for the first time. All in all, it was a great week on Table Rock Lake.


(Photography by Megan Mitchell Photography)



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