Bittersweet Goodbyes

There are things in life that are exhilarating. The atmosphere at a sporting event. Getting married. Skydiving. The night before vacation. These type of things you count down the days waiting. If you are like us, these type of things that keep you awake the night before.

Often times, these feelings of sheer excitement come coupled with apprehension. The first day of school, for example. You are excited it’s here, but know you are that much closer to growing up. You feel excited and on the other had so deeply bummed. For our family, May brings so much fun and exciting potential. However, this excitement is coupled with a somberness as we say goodbye to friends that are moving on.

Tanner is as faithful as the day is long and is moving to Oklahoma City where he plans on going to graduate school. Julia is an incredible graphic designer and soon will bring her skills to an advertising firm. Carly is a gifted communicator and passionate about seeing growth. This fits her well as she transitions into being a math teacher. Andrew is a great problem solver and has accepted an engineering job in Dallas where his wife Morgan and him have recently moved. MacKenzie is a natural leader and has moved to Oklahoma City where her husband Nick is working as an engineer. They got married as sophomores, finished their degrees and are expecting their first child next year. Michael is a go-getter who just graduated with his Masters, is going on Summer Mission to Bologna, Italy and then moves to Austin, Texas working as an engineer. There are many other graduating students that we have hosted into our home, fed meals, and laughed with that are now transitioning to the next season of life.

How exciting is it that OKC, Dallas, Austin and cities around the world will gain Oklahoma State Cru alumni this summer. These men and women want to walk with God, know how to communicate about their faith, desire to have an impact and want to see others grow around them. Yes, we selfishly would love to have them lead us again. We are for sure going to miss the hunting trips, game nights and laughs with them. However, we are extremely excited to see how God will use them next!

Join us in praying for our senior’s transition into life after college.


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