God is at Work in the Ozark Mountians

Lake Taneycomo, home to Ozark Lakes Summer Mission.

South of Fayetteville Arkansas, in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, a creek begins. This creek winds its way through Northwest Arkansas, forming current day Beaver Lake. The river continues north into Missouri through many lakes and dams and forms Table Rock, Lake Taneycomo, Bull Shoals before it sneaks back into Arkansas where it continues as the White River. The river runs through the eastern part of Arkansas before it finally dumps into the Mississippi River and eventually the Gulf.

Rainbow Trout caught in Lake Taneycomo.

On the banks of the White River system, we find God at work. Ozark Lakes Summer Mission is located in Branson, Missouri and each summer college students from across the U.S. gather here to learn how to take steps of faith to reach people around them back on campus. Last summer we were able to see God do some great things in our lives and in the lives of students. This summer God is continuing a legacy at Ozark Lakes.

Jeremiah’s path to Ozark Lakes mirrors the winding flow of the White River. Jeremiah started in Ft. Worth, Texas, his hometown before making his way to plains of Oklahoma as a student at Oklahoma State. This summer his path has brought him to Ozark Lakes, a journey he has been thankful for.


Jeremiah (center, in the gray) and friends at Ozark Lakes.

We recently spoke with Jeremiah who shared, “…my faith is being challenged in ways I had not anticipated. It is clear that I have a lot of room to grow this summer and I am pretty excited about it.” When I asked him about how he was taking steps of faith, he explained, “Last weekend, in particular, was impactful to me when we shared a video with various people we knew and talked about it. I had several really good conversations that went beyond the video into discussing personal beliefs.” He mentioned sharing the video with a Hindu student and a friend back at OSU. 

In his latest update, Jeremiah closed by asking, “As this week begins, please pray with me for finding opportunities within my job to talk about Christ and being willing to take those opportunities, God would use our meeting to impact the people we invite, and that I continue to truly seek after God this week.”

As Jeremiah’s path winds from the urban jungle of Texas to the plains of Oklahoma and currently to the banks of the White River system, it is evident that God is at work in his life and at Ozark Lakes.


Check out the evangelistic video Jeremiah sent to his friends…



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