Off To a Great Start!

It seems like just yesterday we sent out a great senior class to live as sent ones in whatever context God has called them too. The goal of our campus ministry had been realized as students moved to Tulsa, Dallas, Austin, OKC, and even places like Bologna, Italy. These students were equipped to leave a spiritual legacy in thier context and we are excited to see what God does with our graduates.

As we have moved into August, our gaze shifts to the task at hand, re-starting this process. Over the next year, we hope to connect with a new freshman class that will be sent out as seniors in four years.  In addition, we hope to develop our upperclassmen students to be leaders in thier context.

The past week has been filled with hundreds of text messages, a few water bottle pass outs, and many new connections with students.  I get really excited about this years group of student leaders.

Dawson, Kamon and Scott are leaders within Cru who are leading a Bible study in the Wentz dorm. They engaged well with the 11 freshman guys that showed up the first week. We are in the process of meeting with each of these guys and sharing our testimony and the gospel with them over the next week. Pray for these leaders as they take giant steps of faith this fall.

It is clear that God is at work. We are excited to see what he does in the lives of the students we meet this fall!

Thank you for partnering with us to make this happen!




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