Our Secret Weapon

The campus is bustling once again! The Class of 2021 has moved in, Greek life is in full swing and Ok State Cru has been actively connecting with new students. This year, OSU is home to over 25,000 millennials and we want to meet every single one!

In the first few weeks of Fall, sowing the seeds of relationships takes first priority. Our goal is to meet as many new people as we can and invite them to social events like OSU football game tailgates, to our Bible Studies and to our weekly Cru meeting.

Cru Tailgate for OSU Football

This year, we have discovered a secret weapon that has helped us connect to more students than ever before. As we were meeting new students in front of Ag Hall, Dan Boone, one of our Team Leaders exclaimed, “In my 20 years on staff, I have never seen this many comment cards filled out!”

A sample of the thousands of comment cards we got. We have sent a text and invited each of these people to Cru.

Here is how the process worked. We put up a tent and table in a high traffic area on campus. We played music and put up our Cru banners to attract people. Then we asked people to fill out a survey and gave them a free OSU Waterbottle. These water bottles have been a huge win for us as we have tried to meet every student on campus.

The Secret Weapon. These gifts have been a game changer for our ability to meet new people.

I was especially thankful for our student leaders who severed so well this year. The most effective strategy is always to connect our students to new students. Our leaders have done a great job initiating these relational connections.
In the past two weeks, we have done four separate events like this. In planning these events, our team has talked a lot about how to deal with expectations as well as how to balance being diligent to strategize well and trusting results to God.

The success we have had this year was an example of God completely blowing away our expectations. We would like to take credit for the strategic decision to pass out these legit water bottles. However, we can’t. God surprised us earlier this year when a local business decided to take a step of faith and donate this excellent giveaway. God also brought thousands of OSU students to our table to fill out contact cards. God will continue to be in control over the results of this year’s ministry.

It’s as if he was kicked back saying “Watch this! I am about to surprise the Ok State Cru team in a way where the only explanation is I was at work.”

We are thankful that God uses us and thankful for the thousands of new contacts. Time to roll up our sleeves and do our part to connect them to Christ and the community within Cru.

We are excited to see what God does this year!


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