Fall Retreat: The Community Springboard

Two months have passed since the class of 2021 has moved in. Routines have developed, mid-terms have been taken and prayerfully community has been developed.

Each year that we get to know students, we see that each class has grown less likely to engage with someone outside their social circle. For example, you used to be able to promote an event that gave away good food and had a fun atmosphere. Many students would show up just to see what was going on. However, with this current class of students, it is very rare that you get someone to an event like this if they do not know someone else that is going to be there. Without diving into the sociology behind this trend, during the month of September, the number one goal of Oklahoma State Cru was to develop community.

The first step for us was to get students together. Football watch parties, game nights, Freshman Leadership Council, ultimate frisbee on Library lawn, scavenger hunts, and sonic runs are just a few of the ways we try to get students connected to our leaders and each other.


The second step is to get students to Fall Retreat. This plays such a pivotal role in community development for our students. This year we took our students to Spring Valley Ranch in Eucha, OK. Taking students off campus, away from studies and with no cell service was the perfect recipe for our students to connect.

Check out this video to see a recap:

As we drove home from fall retreat, we couldn’t help but laugh at the funny stories and be thankful for the great memories and conversations. What a great weekend!

Please join us in praying that God would use this event to continue to build some great community in the class of 2021. I can’t help but get excited about the impact this group could have as they invite other students that don’t know Christ into the community they have developed.

We are thankful for your partnership in furthering the Great Commission at OSU and across the world!




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