Join the Movement

It’s exciting to think that every year, Cru sends out a new group of students to graduate from universities across the world. The reality is that these students are a minority in a world that is looking to find identity in many things other than Christ. However, because of their involvement in Cru, these students are equipped as passionate followers of Christ. If they become an engineer, a computer programmer, a business person or a faithful service worker, they are now equipped to reach people in the context around them. Think about the compounding impact these students can have after 20 years of ministry in the working world.

Here is a snapshot of how these students have been impacted because of their involvement in Oklahoma State Cru:

Cru, like many other missions organizations, relies upon the faithful financial support of concerned individuals and churches. We are extremely thankful for our team of partners who contribute to our ministry and make the video above a reality. Their valuable prayers, monthly gifts, and annual gifts are vital to our work to reach the students at OSU.

We would love to have you consider partnering with us financially and in turn, join us as we help each year’s incoming freshmen class grow to leave a legacy that changes the world.

You can partner with us today by visiting our giving page, at .


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